Greetings, I’m Jenny.

My goal is to support people in growing, learning and transforming through their Astrology Charts.

With each client I work as a guide helping individuals to shift old patterns while developing increased self awareness, new insights and healthier ways of approaching life. I come to this work with intuition, empathy and love.

In my early 20s, I experienced several devastating losses. This led to grief and depression, which ultimately ignited my spiritual and personal growth journey. I studied and experienced several healing modalities, including yoga, holistic health coaching, continuum, somatic experiencing and 12 step programs. Steeping myself in these practices helped me heal many layers, and eventually transition into a more balanced and joyful life.

In 2009, I met my first teacher and mentor, and began my intensive and passionate study of Psychological Astrology. I have been learning, teaching and reading Astrology charts ever since. In my personal healing journey, it was ultimately Astrology that brought me to an incredible next level of self acceptance and self understanding. With in depth study of my own chart, I received incredible wisdom and a map to guide me. My Astrology chart & the planets continue to show me the way!

My Astrology:

I am a “creative type” with 3 planets in my 5th house of creativity. I have spent a lot of time using art as a way of processing life, creating beauty and finding joy. I am a mother and a nurturer; I have my Sun in Cancer as well as Saturn & Mercury, they overlap the 4th/5th houses so I can be quite the home body! My Moon is in Leo in the 7th house, I cherish my relationships and they feed me. And lastly it is Neptune ruling my MC which has influenced my spiritual journey, blessing me with work (10th house) that is empathic and mystical in nature. And lastly, my Jupiter in Pisces supports this path!