Kind Words From Clients

I highly recommend Jenny for an Astrology reading. She exhibits a natural confidence but was humble in her careful interpretation of my natal and transit map. First off she has a radiant demeanor and is filled with a grounding and guiding presence which made me feel safe, seen and held. Her interpretations of my natal chart (personality) was eerily accurate. She was able to even describe what kind of mother I have through my chart, no astrologer I’ve ever worked with has had an insight like that before. I loved my session.
— LZ
When I had my first reading with Jenny, I came away elated, energized, and at peace with myself in a way I had never before experienced. Her guidance truly did lead me to a place of profound self-acceptance, which is now symbolized forever by the tattoo she inspired me to design based on her reading of my star chart. I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone who wants an amazing guide on their journey of introspection, self-actualization, and self-esteem.
— MW
The reading I had with Jenny was incredibly meaningful. I felt our time was a unique and nurturing blend of Jenny interpreting my chart, explaining what she saw, and then sharing interpretive discussion. Having Jenny so clearly identify some traits she saw through my chart was incredibly validating and helpful. The insight I gained from that session has rippled through my life in very positive ways.
— KH
I highly recommend the in-depth program with Jenny. She’s amazing at weaving the astrological and psychological aspects of one’s chart for better insight into particular patterns and themes in one’s life. What I have found over doing several readings is that we are able to connect these insights at deeper and deeper levels. This has helped me to stay focused on bigger picture ideas when I am feeling lost in the day to day-mundane aspects of life.
— JM
I have referred my family, friends and clients to Jenny for Astrological readings and charting; everyone has been utterly fulfilled by their experience with her. I love her holistic approach to the craft, blending psychology with the careful reading of a chart. Jenny has read my personal chart, my daughter’s chart and my husband’s chart. My mother-daughter chart that Jenny did when my daughter was a baby, and the chart she did for my husband and me were exceptional. I love her general monthly analysis along with her specific work, and I whole heartedly recommend her to people near and far (I’ve done a phone reading from NYC and it was just as awesome!).
— sl