What are transits? And why are they important?


There is a great mystery to why we have great years, hard times, a wonderful summer or a terrible winter! I do not believe the Planets can explain the events of every single day or every emotion we are having, but they can gift us with tremendous wisdom when we are paying attention!

Transits are simply how the Planets effect us as they move. When we are having a Saturn transit it means that Saturn is touching some important aspect of out chart, and that aspect of our chart is connected to some part of our life whether it be spiritual, relationship, work or home.

Why is it helpful to know our Transits?

When we follow our transits and get Astrology readings we can take advantage of the information. For example: if you are having a stressful summer and you find out…”Ah, I am having a Saturn transit”, you can begin to make meaning of the struggle, it is no longer simply hard, it becomes an opportunity for conscious growth and learning with more information about what Saturn is asking of you. You would learn about Saturn and what it means in your chart so you would understand the Transit. Instead of having a stressful time of it, you would be having the stress and understanding that there is a deeper more meaningful invitation within the struggle and the wisdom you would receive would be more specific and less general.

If you want to follow the transits more closely you can download a very simple app called ePhemeris.